The McGinnis Manhattan

The McGinnis Manhattan


Pre-Mixed cocktail

The McGinnis Manhattan is a pre-mixed, bottled cocktail, which means it's perfectly measured and ready-to-drink. Just shake or stir with ice, and serve it up or on the rocks with a cherry! Each 16 oz bottle contains four delicious, 70 proof cocktails. 

We source the very best premium whiskey for the McGinnis Manhattan from all over the U.S. and Canada. Depending on which whiskey we've discovered, each batch will be unique.

Buy it more than once, and you'll learn to tell the difference between a McGinnis Manhattan made with bourbon from Kentucky, or with rye from Alberta, or with American Whiskey from San Francisco-- just look for the date, batch number and key ingredients listed on the back of the bottle! 

The McGinnis Manhattan is smooth and sweet-- a perfect blend of premium whiskey, vermouth, triple sec, cherry juice and bitters. 

Try one tonight!